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Danceshock OPEN AIR

Unique event on Friday 20.9. at Masaryk Square in Děčín, supporting program, international dance performances, parade through Děčín to ice stadium.
The parade participants have free admission to Friday's final.


Parking for buses

Please use these areas to park your buses

50.7843681N, 14.2130408E
50.7766444N, 14.2209236E
50.7701100N, 14.2122189E



Right from the arena to the ZOO, the castle, shopping center Pivovar and back!

Regularly 10 am – 6 pm
(schedule at the stop).

Capacity limited to 20 seats!

3st day

IDO CDO Danceshock
21. September SATURDAY (sobota) hall opens 7:30
Changes after check in will be possible!

21nd Sept. SATURDAY
7:30    hall opens                               
8:00    solo, duo, group DRY rehearsals
8:50    Opening - welcome remarks      
Street Show Female Junior QF 09:10
Street Show Male Junior SF 09:55
DISCO Duo Children QF 10:20
DISCO Duo FEM Adult QF 10:40
Street Show Female Junior SF 11:00
DISCO Duo Children SF 11:30
DISCO Duo FEM Adult SF 11:50
Street Show Formation Junior REHEARS - 1 min 12:10
DISCO Groups Children SF 12:30
DISCO SHOW Groups Junior SF 12:50
Street Show Formation Junior QF 13:30
Street Show Groups Adult SF 14:50
Street Show Formation Junior SF 15:30
DISCO SHOW Formation Children REHEARS - 4 min 16:20
DISCO Formation Adult REHEARS - 1 min 16:50
Break 17:00
Opening Ceremony, Parade of Nations 17:30
Final countdown 18:00
PRODUCTIONS all age F (incl. Rehursal) 18:20
DISCO Duo Children F 19:30
DISCO SHOW Formation Children F 19:45
DISCO Groups Children F 20:15
Prize giving Ceremony Productions and CHILDREN 20:30
Street Show Female Junior F 21:00
Street Show Male Junior F 21:15
Street Show Groups Adult F 21:30
Street Show Formation Junior F 22:00
DISCO SHOW Groups Junior F 22:30
DISCO Duo MIX Adult F 22:55
DISCO Duo FEM Adult F 23:10
DISCO Formation Adult F 23:25
Prize giving Ceremony Solos - Duos Groups Formations 23:50
End of the Day 24:30
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